Hello again

Due to personal circumstances, I have not updated my blog for over 12 months, but that doesn’t mean that nothing has happened over the past year. So, from today, I will be posting loads of updates to get you all up to speed as to what’s been going on at Bryndingo, including some exciting news about our new litter.

Obedience Training

Tonight was our first night at Aberystwyth Dog Training Club.

I decided that Rhydian would benefit from learning the basics of obedience in a class, as like all teenagers they don’t always take instructions from parents on board. Bryn is a very boisterous and strong dog, and although he has a lovely temperament, he can be stubborn at times. I also booked Marla and myself on the same course for moral support, in the hope that we can work our way up to gaining the Kennel Club’s Good Citizen Dog Scheme awards.

The hour passed very quickly, and Marla was very good at all the tasks we were set (as long as she knew that there was a treat in my hand lol). Bryn & Rhydian did very well too – Bryn managed most of the tasks, but was too excited to do the ‘stay’, but we’ve got 2 weeks to practice before our next lesson.

Rhydian can also use what he learns in class when he trains Taff (his Welsh Sheepdog) – I shall post more about Taff soon!

Who knows, we might surprise ourselves and start competing in obedience! But if not, at least we’ll have a team of well behaved dogs, and a lot of new friends.

Safety 1st

20130211-094950 PM.jpg

We took Marla with us yesterday to Bryn’s hydrotherapy session. Unlike most cattle dogs, Marla does not like getting wet – she will walk around puddles in the road to avoid getting her feet wet. When we tried hydrotherapy with her before she panicked and splashed terribly.

So, Jason at Trixhund Hydrotherapy, suggested we bring her along for her to get used to everything a few times before attempting to put her in the water.

Whilst Bryn was enjoying his swim, we put a life-jacket on her, and let her walk around for her to get used to it – she was very relaxed, and quite enjoyed posing for a photo in the latest doggie designer wear 🙂

Bryn’s busy day

After dropping Steven off at work, Rhydian & I took Bryn for his hydrotherapy session. Today he was in for a hard workout as he didn’t get a life jacket, just a harness…

20130202-082727 PM.jpg

Having a well deserved rest, and a cuddle with Jason during his swim…

20130202-082844 PM.jpg

He really enjoys the shower and blow-dry after the swim (even though this cheeky look makes it seem as if he’s sticking his tongue out at Jason!)…

20130202-083204 PM.jpg

Nothing better after a hard workout than lazing all afternoon watching the rugby…

20130202-083341 PM.jpg

Good luck Zip!

It was a busy day in our house, and also a day of mixed emotions. Today was the day that Zip left to us to go and live in his new forever home. We’ve got quite attached to this little boy over the last six months, but we know he will be happy with his new family, who have another ACD for him to play with, and also a few cattle for him to herd.

20130127-102753 PM.jpg

Zip & Taff

20130118-064152 PM.jpg

Fun in the snowdrifts today – as Taff & Zip managed to trip Rhydian up…

20130118-064420 PM.jpg

20130118-064432 PM.jpg

Zip & Bryn

20130118-010525 PM.jpg

I think Rhydian is feeling the cold more than the dogs! This is the first time Zip has seen snow – and he loves it.

Snow Day

20130118-120256 PM.jpg

We woke up this morning to a white-out! Blizzard conditions at the moment, but as soon as it calms down later I’m hoping to get some nice photos of the dogs in the snow…

Hydrotherapy Time

20130106-085930 PM.jpg

Bryn had his first session at the Trixhund Hydrotherapy Pool this evening! He’s usually hyper, and gets over excited when we go somewhere different…but Jason kept him calm throughout, and he thoroughly enjoyed his swimming.

As a bonus, he was so tired when we got home, that he has been lying down in front of the fire – no mad racing circuits around the coffee table for a change!

20130106-090640 PM.jpg

20130106-090620 PM.jpg

Zip is still looking for his forever home – details and more photos are available on our Puppies page.

Drying off in front of fire